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Metal Offcut Store

[Please note this is an old article and the online store has since ceased to exist]. We have launched a new metal offcut store! This store can be used to purchase our offcuts without facing the minimum order charge associated with production. We will endeavour to keep our online stock updated with what we have […]

Metallic Gold Powder Coating

We often work on prototype products which are about to enter the market and some catch our eye more than others. This product required us to produce an accurate radius bend and a presentable tight fitting case. We just love the colour the inventor has chosen for his designs! The fact that this product is made […]

Square to Round Mild Steel Fabrication

At Yorkshire Profiles we manufacture “hoppers” of all kind in various shapes and sizes for different industries. Quite often these have a “Square to Round” shape. This term is used even if the part is more of a rectangular shape to round, or even to an oval shape. Mild steel “Square to Round” cut and folded Square […]

Powder Coated Fabrication

This box was produced for an environmental based business in the UK. It was cut on our laser then folded and welded by our fabrication team. It was important to have a high quality weld on all seams as any discrepancies would show through the powder coating. A mild steel box welded and powder coated […]

Laser Cutting Very Small Details

We were recently asked to manufacture a one off small disk for a University project which was quite challenging for our laser. The main problem was that it was to be made out of thin mild steel. The disk had to have very narrow slots put in leaving only 0.2mm of material between each slot. […]

Piercing Mild Steel

Capturing the moment when a 4Kw laser pierces mild steel is always spectacular. Capturing the moment the laser piercing steel always makes for good pictures. A 4Kw laser can very quickly pierce through mild steel. Close up of our “eco pierce” on 10mm thick mild steel.

Replicated Bracket

We understand that sometimes a drawing isn’t available and all you have is a part you require to be replicated. This is not a problem, our team can take the measurements off a sample you can provide to us and we can draw it up for you. We can then make any adjustments to the […]

A Single Laser Cut

This part was cut using only a single line. The heat from the laser cutting didn’t seem to affect the quality despite it being a lot of cutting in a 10mm mild steel plate. The narrowest part is only 1mm. This sample was manufactured using only 1 cut.  

Waterjet Cut 30mm Steel

The waterjet cutter is able to cut 30mm mild steel with a high level of accuracy. This profile is just 5mm wide and as there is no heat involved, the quality of the cut does not deteriorate. Both the outside profile and the inside of the hole have a smooth sandblasted appearance. 30mm thick waterjet […]

Complicated Mild Steel Component

We were recently asked to try to achieve some complicated folds, I can gladly say we achieved it. The hardest part about producing such components is working out the most efficient “bend order”. This is made easier by our press brake as the console gives us a visual diagram of when a fold cannot be […]