Oil, Gas & Offshore

The Oil, Gas & Offshore industry generally requires a lot of standard components. We are able to quickly and accurately produce these components in large volumes and we do so for a range of existing clients in these industries. This is a small example of the components we currently produce on a monthly basis:

  • Bespoke flanges
  • Standard flanges
  • Gas valve handles
  • Pipeline valve handles
  • Custom containers for shipping and transportation
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Components for sub-sea exploration

A large volume of these components are produced by pipeline and flange manufactures who use us to produce the basic flanges and they then process the flanges further to meet the tight tolerances demanded by the industry. The use of a sub-contract laser cutting company helps them to meet lead times during periods of high demand and reduce in-house production costs by avoiding the high overheads associated with laser cutting equipment. If you require custom or standard components, call us today on 01904 73095 to discuss how we can assist.

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