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Hole Tapping Services from Yorkshire Profiles

Many of our customers require hole tapping services, so we have made sure that we are completely proficient in the practice.


Similar to countersinking, this is a process that makes up part of the customisation of materials, and can be performed to client specific requirements.

Tapping is a way to add threading to sheet metal and, with this process, Yorkshire Profiles are proud to offer an even broader range of skills for our comprehensive fabrication procedure. We can provide metal sheet services from laser cutting and folding right through to countersinking, tapping and deburring.

Below is a short summary of what tapping is, how it benefits our clients and what services we offer.

What is Tapping?

Tapping is when a hole in the metal is modified in order to allow for screws to be inserted – the tapping process creates a thread within the hole. We specialise in this because it’s something that a great proportion of our customers need, and is a standard service offered by any metal fabricators who are worth their salt – which, of course, we are.

This process is one that requires a specific set of tools and equipment to ensure that the correct screws can be fitted. These can vary from wider and deeper holes, to narrow shallow spaces depending on the material being used and its purpose. Tapping can be a part of a fabrication process that produces a hole for countersinking, or it’s possible to be left as is.

Dies is another process that produces the male counterpart to the threaded hole, and is a usually used for the production of bolts and screws.


Benefits of Threading

The advantages associated with tapping and threading are invaluable to a client that should require it. They allow a strong connection to be made between pieces of sheet metal or other fabricated material by solid fasteners. This is ideal for those in the manufacturing industry, as often a screw or bolt will provide the greatest long term fastening device.

The ability for a client to choose the exact thread size and shaping they require offers a greater level of customisation, and Yorkshire Profiles will work with you to establish the best screw for the job.

Another benefit of tapping that takes place in the same fabrication process as cutting and shaping is that the turnaround time will be quicker, and that there is a more consistent level of work on the raw materials.

This can help keep production costs lower and turnaround times quicker, which is a better fabrication process for everyone.

Yorkshire Profiles Tapping services


We offer a wide range of tapping services. If you don’t know what you require from your material threading, we can work with you to choose the perfect solution. Largely, the tap drill will depend upon the thread size you require, and we have a wide range of equipment to provide a versatile service.

Yorkshire Profiles can provide around the clock fabrication services throughout the country. Whether you have a single, small scale job or a longer term industrial size production plan, we are dedicated to giving clients a superb service at a superior price.

If you have any questions about our tapping services, or you’d like to see how Yorkshire Profiles can help you, get in touch by calling 01904 737095. Or, Click here to find out how to enquire.

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