Hardox, Weldox & Xar400

Laser Cutting Hardox, Weldox and Xar400

The laser cutting technology we use here means that we are able to cut high-strength steels such as Hardox, Weldox and Xar400. Should you be looking for Weldox Fabrication Companies, look no further than Yorkshire Profiles.


Since its introduction in 1974, Hardox has been a marker of what is possible with ultra-hard steel.

Hardox’s unique properties give it an extreme resistance to wear, meaning that it is suitable for a variety of uses that other grades of steel simply cannot match. This is due to Hardox’s ultra-hard surface, a quality that isn’t just skin deep; this incredible level of toughness is present throughout the metal.

This toughness is coupled with a degree of malleability that ensures that Hardox can also be bent, formed and welded; all without losing any of this signature toughness that has made it the metal of choice for a range of industrial and construction applications.

Hardox has the ability to survive some of the most testing situations in the world, including tipper lorry beds, excavator buckets and industrial containers.


This is another high-strength steel that is available in a variety of grades, depending on the intended use of the metal.

It has a low weight, comparable to that of aluminium, though Weldox is much stronger and far more durable than the other metal. It is widely used across a range of sectors, though is typically used in situations that require strong metal that is easy to weld.


Similar to Hardox, Xar400 is an ultra-hard abrasion steel that is used for situations where lower grades of steel aren’t suitable for any length of time. Its high levels of resistance to wear means that previously, the only reliable method of cutting thinner gradations of Xar400 without distorting the metal was with plasma-based cutting implements.

At Yorkshire Profiles, we are proud to announce that our laser cutting machines are able to cut all of these super-strength steels without distortion or damage.

If you would like to know more about how we can cut your high strength steels, or would like more information on the laser cutting services we provide at Yorkshire Profiles, Click here to find out how to enquire.

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