Brass and Copper

Thanks to a hefty investment in fibre laser cutting technology, we at Yorkshire Profiles are now able to cut reflective “yellow metals”, which used to be impossible on our traditional CO2 Laser because of the thermal conductivity and reflective properties of these metals. Essentially, the metal melted too quickly, causing imprecise cuts and potential damage to the laser cutting head. These issues are removed in the fibre laser because it doesn’t use mirrors to create the laser beam, and has a greater level of thermal control in the beam strength used to cut.

What is Copper?

Copper; also known as “the red metal”, is one of the most electrically conductive metal elements around. It is primarily used for both telecommunications – because of its conductivity and malleability – and art and architectural work due to its aesthetically enticing red colour that turns green when oxidised.

The physical properties of copper make it unsuitable for structural work as it is a weak metal with a tensile strength half that of carbon (mild) steel. Despite this, however, copper is not easy to break as it is durable and malleable, not brittle.

What is Brass?

Brass is a metal alloy made from copper and zinc. Much like the chromium, nickel and manganese components in stainless steel, varying the proportions of these elements within the brass can create varying properties that are cut and used for different purposes.
Because of its bright gold appearance, brass is used for decorative purposes as well as for applications where low friction is required, like door mechanisms, gears, ammunition casings, musical instruments and plumbing applications.

Brass has a low melting point compared to other metals, which is why it couldn’t be cut using the CO2 laser. However, altering the composition of copper and zinc makes for hard and soft brass. Additionally, adding aluminium makes the brass stronger and more corrosion resistant and combinations of iron, aluminium and manganese make brass resistant to wear and tear as these elements add strength to an otherwise pliable metal.

Thanks to our new Ventis fibre laser, we are able to cut Copper and Brass up to 10mm thick with precision and speed. Give us a call on 01904 737095 to discuss your copper or brass cutting requirements.

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