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Another large industry we deal with is the IT and Communications industry. There are a lot of metal components and sheet metal fabrications visible all around the UK. From office enclosures and server racks to larger street enclosures. This is just a small selection of projects we have been involved in during recent years:

  • Casings for small circuitry or custom cases for sensors.
  • Enclosures for electrical components and fuse boxes and boards.
  • CCTV camera mounts, Infra-red lighting mounting
  • Security enclosures
  • Cable trays
  • Equipment racks
  • Monitor mounts
  • Flight cases
  • Panic alarm system components

Whether its a small quantity of components for a bespoke setup, or a bulk requirement for national coverage, we have the capacity and capability to meet your requirements. Call us on 01904 737095 for pricing.

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