The companies we deal with in the Architecture category range from street furniture companies to larger design firms for London tower blocks. Take a look at the range of projects we have worked in during recent years:

  • LED lighting units, custom lighting enclosures and lighting fixings
  • Threshold plates, doorway and window trims
  • Porthole trims
  • Building facias for london towerblocks
  • Balustrading and staircase components which do not require a BS 1090 execution class.
  • Brackets and braces for joists
  • Sculptures and art work
  • Portable cabins
  • Bespoke kitchen and bathroom designs
  • Fencing rails and posts
  • Swimming pool components
  • Stove and chimney trims
  • Large Point of Sale displays

The materials used in this industry is the full range from mild steel to stainless steel and aluminiums of various grades. We have a wide range of supply including a variety of different finishes available.

Whether you are an artist working on a bespoke creation or a designer involved in a large project requiring metal features, call us today on 01904 737095.

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