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Accurate & Reliable: Laser Cutting Service

Our ISO9001 metal laser cutting service promises to deliver results of excellent quality, each and every time. If you are looking for a company that offers an outstanding sheet metal laser cutting and fabrication service then you have certainly come to the right place.

The technology involved in our set-up means that our sheet metal cutting is not only unbelievably accurate, but is completed at a rapid rate too. For this reason we are able to offer our competitive prices for laser cutting services without compromising on quality – making us one of the leading CNC laser cutters in the UK.

The laser cutters we use are some of the fastest industrial lasers on the market. Our fibre lasers are also fitted with full automation material handling facilities. This allows us to carry out all tasks with a maximum part size of 3000mm x 1500mm and up to 20mm thick with minimal human interaction! Whether it’s a one off part or a very high volume requirement, we are equipped to offer a speed turn-around. Unlike many of our competitors, we deburr all parts as standard for a smooth finish (but we do not de-pip the laser start/stop point).

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Benefits of our Laser Cutting Service

There are many advantages to laser cutting, not just for us but also for our clients. Below, we have listed some of the key reasons:

  • Our machines run 24 hours, 7 days a week, because our laser cutter doesn’t need to be manually operated overnight. This means that we are able to accommodate our clients’ needs no matter what the time of day. Furthermore, we are also able to keep our production costs as low as possible by keeping overheads low. With Industry 4.0 off-site monitoring of our equipment, downtime is kept to a minimum to ensure there are no unexpected delays to your orders.
  • Our material handling automation facilities are able to greatly reduce the time it usually takes for changing metal between productions. We don’t need to do any manual changes as the machine does all of the hard work for us.
  • Our laser cutters, provide some of the fastest and most accurate CNC sheet metal cutting in the business.
  • Our “Ventis” machine is one of only a very few in the country! It provides the best possible cutting quality of a fibre laser cutter on the market at incredible speeds. Thanks to the unique technology involved, it also uses much less power and assist gasses than almost every other laser on the market.
  • We are fully equipped with several pressbrakes and a fabrication workshop, so we can be a one-stop shop for all your metalworking needs.
  • We are ISO9001 certified ensuring that quality is at the very heart of what we do.
Laser Cutting Automation Tower
Automation tower ready for use.

For an accurate and energy efficient method to cut metal, CNC laser cutting offers one of the best possible solutions.

Yorkshire Profiles are proud to offer laser cutting services throughout all the UK to a wide range of industries. Not only does laser cutting offer a high level precision to your exact designs and requirements, but the costs saved through its time and energy efficiency are passed onto clients in our services. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

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  • I have been using Yorkshire Profiles for a couple of years. They produce both prototypes and batches of both ... laser cut/folded parts for me – I have found them to be prompt and reliable. The quality of the work is good.. Simon, Performance Car Suspension Specialist.
  • Thank you for your excellent service! I am very impressed with the quality of your laser cutting and accuracy of sheet metal folding. I’m impressed that you’re willing to handle small jobs for the home engineer/hobbyist. I’ll definitely use you again for parts for my homebuilt car ... Thank you. Rory, Private Client
  • Yorkshire Profiles staff handled my small value order with prompt friendly efficiency. I have no hesitation in recommending their services. A credit to the UK engineering industry. Gary, Independent Client
  • Pleased with consistent good service, price and quality. Roger, Manufacturers of Freeze Driers
  • Yorkshire Profiles gives us a professional service along with helpful, knowledgeable and friendly staff. They offer prompt quoting, they stick to delivery dates and produce good quality work. Yorkshire Profiles have always offered us a first class level of service. Chris, Blacksmiths
  • Before we found Yorkshire Profiles we had struggled to obtain both the price & level of service we were after ... We have found them a very professional company and nothing has been too much trouble ... it is rare to find such a company who care that much, and believe me we have asked for some very quick turn rounds but it has been achieved on many occasion. Charles, Stockist/Distributor of Standard/Custom Fastenings
  • We have been purchasing from Yorkshire Profiles Limited in excess of seven years. They are a family run business and are dedicated to improvement and expansion, including workshop area, machinery and workforce. They produce accurate high quality profiles ... and recently have added CNC pressing facilities which has made them a favourable supplier to have on board. Andy, Supplier of Bespoke Machinery
  • Good quality products with a fast turn around time – also helpful when developing new products. Alex, Manufacturer of Flexible Hose Assemblies.
  • We use Yorkshire Profiles to make complex and intricate parts for our development and production projects. We have been very satisfied with the friendly and helpful service we have received, and with their quick turnaround on our orders. Martin, Medical Textile Implants
  • We have used YP for many years and have always found them to be reliable and accurate. They are now our preferred supplier of blanked and folded components. I would have no hesitation in recommending them Angus, Storage and Handling Experts

Laser Cutting Service

We provide a high quality nationwide laser cutting service using the latest in sheet metal laser cutting technology.

The extent of our current laser cutting capabilities are listed below:

Maximum Size: 3000mm x 1500mm Mild Steels Stainless Steels Aluminiums Zintec / Pre-Galvaniseds Hardox and other Carbon Steels Brass & Copper Titanium
Min Thickness 0.5mm 0.5mm 0.9mm 0.9mm 0.5mm 0.9mm 0.5mm
Max Thickness 20mm 20mm 15mm 3mm 20mm 8mm 8mm
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Background on Laser Cutting

The history of laser cutting began shortly after the discovery of laser technology, developed at the end of the 1950s by Gordon Gould, Charles Hard Townes and Arthur Leonard Schawlow. This was based upon successfully attempts to concentrate radiation emission of visible light, and the discoveries were published in the 1959 by Gould titled THE LASER, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

How it works?

Laser cutting works by finely directing a laser beam onto a material surface for cutting or engraving. A beam that's emitted from a 'laser tube' is focussed by the use of several mirror reflections sending the beam up towards to 'laser head' in a similar fashion to a periscope. This leads to a lens that further focuses the beam onto the desired material to cut or engrave.

The amount of material cut or engraved by the laser is defined by the kerf. This is the width of cut or groove made by the particular process and will vary depending on the material used. It can also be affected by the laser beam tolerance which determines the initial width of the beam. At Yorkshire Profiles, we have some of the latest laser cutting machines and can offer an incredibly fine tolerance in our machinery.

There is a massive history behind laser cutting and the way it has been developed over the last 5 decades or so. Without advanced developments back in the 60's-70's, we wouldn't be where we are today. With that being said, we have a lot to be thankful for!


Laser Cutting with Yorkshire Profiles

Laser cutting is a perfect solution for both industrial scale fabrication needs and also for smaller more detailed purposes. Since it's development in 1960s, these devices have changed the cutting industry for the better. The versatility and accuracy allows companies from a wide range of backgrounds to benefit from this technology. With the opportunity to quickly have materials cut to precise requirements at a much quicker speed, Yorkshire Profiles are proud to offer this ever improving technology to companies across the UK.

You can find out more about our laser cutting services on our services page, or by calling us on 01904 737095.

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