Why Yorkshire Profiles?

We Are Equipped

With our continual investment in the latest technology and keeping with the ‘top-spec’ of what is available, we are able to efficiently process orders from one offs to large volume work. Our lasers provide the best quality on the market at the fastest processing speeds. With the addition of material handling automation, there is little human contact from material supply to delivery of completed components reducing the chance of accidental damage or inaccuracies.

Our software is just as powerful as our hardware. With our in-house software creation skills we have developed a total management system which ensures that all areas of the business are running smoothly and with the correct data. From order tracking, price monitoring to employee training and retention, our software covers all bases and we can guarantee that not one of our competitors has a system like it (because we wrote it!).

Yorkshire Profiles Equipped

Full Material Traceability and Environmentally Friendly Material Handling

We retain material certificates for all of our material and offcuts using a system developed in house to ensuring you always know where the material used came from and that it meets your specifications. If it is stated on the order or the drawing that the original red-stamped test certificates are required, we can ensure these are provided too without delay. We make sure to use every piece of material and minimise wastage. We ensure that only material skeletons are sent for recycling as a last resort. This reduces the number of deliveries to our site and reduces the number of waste shipments from our site to metal dealers.

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Short Lead Times

The majority of our work is referred to as “just in time” due to its nature. We understand that as a client orders and requirements tend to be finalised in the last moment often there is little time left for actual production.

We are flexible with our production scheduling, allowing us to frequently juggle the workload throughout the working day and accommodate our clients to ensure they get the parts when they need them. As a manufacturer we understand that it is all about efficiency and that is why we have strong written policies and procedures for every task undertaken to ensure it is completed as quickly as possible and without error. All employees are frequently trained on these procedures and logged on a competency matrix to ensure no task is overlooked.

In the cases where it is simply impossible, we will make sure you are informed rather than making false promises which cost you time in looking for an alternative supplier. This level of honesty highlights our integrity as a supplier.

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Quality Assured

Our ISO9001 accreditation means our quality controls are externally and independently audited to ensure we are doing what we say we are doing.

The ISO9001 system ensures that we continually improve as a business and take problems, complaints and potential improvements very seriously and document resolutions and effective actions.

As we are externally audited you can rest assured that your order is being processed to a well-documented and thought-out system which will ensure you will received your parts on time and to specification.

These factors are why we believe you should chose Yorkshire Profiles as an approved supplier for your business, but why take our word for it? Read some testimonials from our clients here.

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Backup of Backups

All of computer and communication equipment are protected with backup batteries, ensuring that in a total power outage or a major power surge, the data is protected and equipment shut-down safely. The backup batteries also allow our equipment to send an S.O.S message to directors in the event this occurs out-of-hours. We also have 2 electricity generators on-site so during an extended period of power loss, production can continue as normal.

Our equipment is covered under 24-hour callout service contract with the manufacturers to ensure a fast response during unexpected break-downs. As we have multiple lasers and forming equipment, workloads can quickly be shifted to prevent any delays in order processing.

Our attitude towards contingency planning helps you rest assured that any major events at Yorkshire Profiles are unlikely to impact business continuity or loss in production time, making us a sustainable choice of supplier.

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Secure Designs and Drawings

We consider it standard practice to not share your drawings and designs. Whilst this may seem to be somewhat of an expectation of any supplier, it isn’t always the case. All of your designs and drawings will be used for you and you alone. We will never copy, alter or manufacture your designs for other clients. In cases where a sub-contractor may become involved (such as powder coating or galvanising), the information shared will be on a need to know basis such as the overall dimensions and weight. We take information security seriously and our IT network is strictly controlled and monitored to ensure no drawings are sent to personal email accounts or removed from the building on removable media.

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Health and Safety Prepared

It may seem irrelevant in choosing a supplier based on their health and safety credentials, but by knowing that we take this issue seriously and are externally audited to ensure we provide a safe working environment with full documentation is important. It reduces down-time from accidents reducing the possibility of orders running late, it reduces costs by preventing expensive incidents and investigations and most importantly it keeps the team morale high which in-turn results in a high quality of goods, services and high production levels.

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Embracing Industry 4.0

Our passion is to make sure we are always moving forward. As such we are embracing the benefits offered by Industry 4.0. We are increasing the number of sensors and network connected devices to ensure that all elements of production are monitored to peak efficiency. For example, our laser cutting machines are connected directly to the manufacturers headquarters. This allows the manufacturer to monitor the machines performance and organise and replacement parts and an engineer before they fail.

With our internal software development skills, we have created a system that our competitors cannot obtain. The Helix system is constantly developed to encompass all elements of our business from stock control to live machine monitoring.

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Competitive Pricing Policies

We follow the same basics as other profiling companies; material and labour costs. However, we can apply our charm with our range of approved suppliers to obtain lower material prices than many of our competitors whilst not compromising on the quality of the material.

Due to the dynamic nature of the industry we constantly monitor feedback about our prices and also the prices of our competitors. This means if our price was a little too high on a quote compared to that of a competitor, we are willing to negotiate where possible. If it becomes a regular occurrence we have the flexibility to adjust quickly to agreed prices which are within your budget. Usually this will mean agreeing to a certain quantity or lead-time which will allow us to keep the order economical.

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Excellent Customer Service

Yorkshire Profiles retain the personal customer service experience you would expect from a small family business and offers the same degree of care on a business to business basis. Whether you’re a small local company that requires just a few components, a purchasing manager in a medium enterprise or a director of an international enterprise sourcing new manufacturers for batch productions, you can expect a professional attitude and a quick response on every occasion.

Our internal systems will keep you up to date with your order including confirmations to make sure we have the details correct, expected delivery/collection dates and shipment confirmations. Where required we also make sure there is always a purchase order reference and we have strong document procedures which ensure proof of delivery is easily obtained to prevent any headaches for your accounts department.

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