Entertainment and Events

We deal with a range of entertainment and event companies from around the UK. From large stage designs (including Olympic events) to prop hire companies for TV and Cinema productions, we produce a range of metal brackets, panels and fabrications. This is a selection of projects we have recently provided for:

  • Stage equipment
  • Lighting brackets
  • Lighting Rigs
  • Videowall brackets and framework
  • PA System brackets and fixings
  • Camera trolleys and mounting equipment
  • Flight cases for equipment
  • Vent panels
  • Equipment racks and enclosures
  • Cable trays
  • Monitor and screen mounts
  • Custom BBQ designs
  • Museums and public event metal work

From bespoke items and prototype designs to large scale production for major events, we can provide metalwork for all. Call us on 01904 737095 to find out how we can help your sector.

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