Zintec & Galvanised Steel

Zintec and Galvanised Steel Laser Cutting & Fabrication

The advanced nature of our laser cutting machinery allows us to cut both zintec and galvanised steels. Both of these metals are treated forms of other metals, typically mild steel, which are coated in order to give them qualities that affect their characteristics. If you are looking for Galvanised Steel or Zintec Fabrication Companies, get in touch with Yorkshire Profiles today and speak to us about the opportunities for cutting galvanised steel and zintec.


Zintec is the trade name for a form of treated mild steel that has been treated with a thin layer of zinc, which protects the steel against corrosion and rust.

The mild steel is usually supplied in the form of a cold rolled sheet or as coiled mild steel, which due to its low cost and malleability has become the most widely used metal in a variety of sectors. However, the downfall of mild steel is that it is extremely susceptible to corrosion.

Treatments such as zinc coating provide an extra level of protection to the mild steel, giving it a higher level of resistance against rusting or corroding in a variety of situations and environments.

Zintec is created by using the process of electrolysis to coat the mild steel with a thin layer of zinc, typically between 1.0 and 1.75 microns thick, a more precise method of zinc coating than other methods such as hot dipping.

The finished Zintec metal can be produced at varying thicknesses between 0.4 and 2.0mm, with a matt grey finish that is notably different to untreated mild steel. It is important to note that Zintec is designed to protect the mild steel during transport, storage, manufacturing and production processes; it is not suitable for use in corrosive environments without a paint coating or other protective application.

Galvanised Steel

Galvanised steel is created to the same effect as Zintec, though in this case the coating isn’t applied via electrolysis.

 With galvanisation, the untreated metal is submerged in a bath of molten zinc in order to coat it in a layer of zinc that protects against corrosion. The zinc also acts as a sacrificial anode; if the coating is scratched and exposes the metal beneath, it still protects the coated metal against corrosion.

Cutting Zintec and Galvanised Steels

The laser systems we use at Yorkshire Profiles are able to cut both Zintec and Galvanised steels.

For more information on laser cutting Zintec or Galvanised steel, Click here to find out how to enquire.

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