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At Yorkshire Profiles, we are able to work with stainless steels and take pride in providing the high standards of quality and finish that our customers expect.

Unlike mild steel, which is comparatively much easier to treat and cut using laser cutting machines, stainless steel’s increased durability means it requires more intensive treatment.

What Is Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a metal alloy with a molecular composition that is at least 10.5% chromium, in addition to the typical iron, carbon and several other minerals. It is this unique blend of ingredients that provides stainless steel with its trademark high corrosion resistance.

The chromium in the stainless steel, alongside other elements such as nickel and manganese, react with both air and water to create a protective film over the stainless steel, which protects the surface against corrosion.

By subtly altering the percentages of each of these minerals in the metal’s composition, the exact properties of the stainless steel can be manipulated according to the requirements of the end product. Aspects such as the steel’s resistance to corrosion, physical strength and malleability can all be controlled by adjusting the mineral composition, ensuring that the type of stainless steel that our customers require.

Stainless steel’s changeable properties have led to its use for a variety of applications. From being used as a structural material due to its corrosion resistance and strength, right down to being used for cutlery due to its durability and longevity, stainless steel proves itself to be a versatile material.

Cutting Stainless Steel

Due to the increased durability, strength and mineral composition of stainless steel, it requires a much more intensive treatment process in order to be cut with accuracy and a quality finish. The laser systems we use provide stainless steel with a smooth, polished cut surface.

We are able to cut stainless steel up to a maximum thickness of 20mm, though we have a wealth of experience of working with stainless steel at a variety of grades. These include:

  • 304
  • 310
  • 316
  • 321
  • 430
  • 3CR12 (4003)

If the stainless steel gradation you require isn’t on the above list, we may still be able to help you, so it’s worth getting in touch.

If you would like more information about the stainless steel laser cutting services we offer, Click here to find out how to enquire.

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