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Laser Cutting Technology used by Yorkshire Profiles

At Yorkshire Profiles we utilise a wide range of the latest laser cutting technology and material handling automation. We don’t sell the machinery ourselves, but are proud of the equipment that we make full use of on a daily basis. With machines running 24/7, we’re dedicated to giving the very best in fabrication for all areas of the manufacturing industry. Continue reading to find out about The Ventis & ENSIS Laser Cutting Machines.

One of the latest machines that we use is the Amada ENSIS. This is from the latest generation of fibre laser cutting technology, with a variable beam control unit. The control unit allows our equipment to cut 3mm and below at fierce speeds not seen by any other laser cutter on the market.

The addition of fibre technology to Yorkshire Profiles, allows us to process copper, brass and titanium. Materials which have usually been prohibited from laser cutting.

We also use the Ventis. This device is cutting edge in more ways than one, and is considered to be the next generation of laser cutting. Offering some of the highest quality and accuracy of cuts available alongside powerful energy efficient performance. When it comes to producing high quality parts, the “Ventis” is THE best available laser cutting machine on the market.

Just as important for us is providing customers with an understanding and appreciation of the work we gladly carry out for numerous industries across the UK. Below, we’ve written a guide to let you know about the incredible power of the Ventis, and how it can help revolutionise your industry in the same way it has ours.

What does the ENSIS do?

Our ENSIS is fitted with a fully automated material handling facility. With the speed advantages of fibre laser cutting and an automation facility, this is an ideal setup for large volume work which is required on a short lead time.

This machine also allows us to process copper, brass and titanium which most sub-contract laser companies simply cannot process without the use of slower waterjet machines and the quality issues they can bring.

The latest technology uses a fraction of electricity compared to conventional lasers and with lower overheads, fewer consumables and high efficiency offered by automation, our prices and lead times as a result are often unbeatable.

What does the Ventis do?

The Ventis is an incredibly powerful laser cutting machine. It has a 4 kilowatt Oscillator, which makes it fantastic for cutting through thick materials up to 20mm wide. The Oscillator is especially good at completing tasks to the upmost accuracy. Because it is a single diode oscillator, there is no interference in the beam generation to the cutting head. Other machines combine diodes to generator powers up to 9kw, but the quality of the beam degrades as a result.

This is great news for our clients who are concerned about lasers and whether or not they cut corners and edges effectively. If you are interested in learning more about the Ventis, here are its precise specifications:

  • CoolingCut function allows thick steel to be laser cut cleanly
  • Automatic cut process monitoring allows unmanned operation
  • Cuts aluminium with an edge quality greater than 50% better than any competing machine.
  • High level of automation for nozzle changing and a single lens eliminating setup times.
  • “Locus Beam Control” is a unique feature to this machine over any on the market. This allows us to produce quality like no other whilst not compromising on speed.

These features have been designed with precision, quality and speed in mind. Amada understand the needs of manufacturers using this equipment, and just how important having a fast production turnaround can be.

With the increased efficiency that the Ventis offers, it allows us to reduce unnecessary costs involved with other cutting machinery. We can then pass these savings onto you, providing a better, faster product at an even more competitive price.

What Materials Do Our Lasers Cut?

In terms of the materials that our equipment cuts, there are six metals in particular which the laser excels in cutting:

The time saved by removing the lens replacement process, combined with the automatic nozzle cleaning and changing ensures a much quicker production process, and in turn reduces the costs of meeting our clients’ needs.

Yorkshire Profiles and Laser Cutters

The Ventis and the Ensis are incredible pieces of cutting technology that we here at Yorkshire Profiles find easy and efficient to use. With the addition of some advanced improvements, this machinery has allowed us to expand our industry to compete in the mass production market, as well as offering affordable small scale manufacturing.

The savings in production time and in costs have meant that we can pass these reductions through to our clients, and we offer some of the highest quality cuts at a price that is one of the best in the UK.

If you’d like to find out more about the Ventis or the Ensis, call us on 01904 737095. Alternatively, click here to find out how to enquire!

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