Laser Cutting Aluminiums

We provide laser cutting services for a range of materials, including aluminium and a wide variety of its alloys.

Aluminium has a number of valuable properties that make it perfect for a variety of applications, though for the most part it appears as an alloy. This means that the properties of aluminium have been incorporated alongside another metal, in order to obtain the best of both materials.

Aluminium Properties

Raw aluminium rarely exists in nature on its own. It is far more likely to be found in combined ores, the most common being bauxite. These ores require complex refinement in order for the aluminium to be isolated from the other minerals.

Aluminium is light in comparison to other metals, though its molecular composition also means that it is relatively soft and malleable, making it unsuitable for a wide variety of uses.

There are characteristics of aluminium that are extremely desirable. However, due to a phenomenon known as passivation, aluminium is effectively impervious to rust under normal conditions, in addition to being 100% recyclable. The latter characteristic means that aluminium can be repeatedly melted down and re-used without any loss of structure or quality.

Uses of Aluminium

As mentioned above, the desirable qualities of aluminium can be harnessed alongside characteristics of other metals in order to create alloys. Unlike raw aluminium, these alloys can be strong and durable, but due to aluminium’s low weight and other properties, they are often impervious to rust and are lighter than metals of comparable strength.

Aluminium and its alloys have found their way into a variety of industries, in some cases becoming materials that are essential to innovation and development.

Being both lighter and as durable as steel, aluminium alloys are often used in transport as the chassis for cars, trucks, trains and is has found extensive use in aircraft construction. Alloys of varying strength are used in construction for structural or decorative purposes, while the environmental impact of aluminium’s 100% recyclability has meant that it is the first choice for eco-friendly drinks containers too.

Aluminium at Yorkshire Profiles

For those who require aluminium laser cutting, we can laser cut the metal at a thickness of up to 15mm. With our laser cutting systems, this is an incredibly quick process, with speeds reaching up to 10,000mm per minute.

If you require us to provide aluminium for your order, we stock a wide range of aluminium grades including tread plate for customer use.

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