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Futuristic Manufacturing In An Ancient City

When you think of York, your first thoughts are probably of the grand York Minster, ancient walls, tourists, boutique shops and Vikings. You’d be forgiven for overlooking the vast number of businesses which contribute to the economy by way of manufacturing. With all the recent news coverage of the steel sector collapsing, you’d also be forgiven […]

The Future of Lasers

In the 55 years since its discovery, the laser has become indispensable and plays a significant role in our daily lives, even if we don’t realise it. From catching a vehicle travelling over the speed limit, through surgical applications, to cutting sheets of steel, lasers are used in a variety of industries to improve the […]

Top Engineering Sector News Sources

As a process-led field, adding value to raw materials by turning them into products through the use of machinery and manpower, manufacturing offers a diverse range of jobs from a wide range of engineering disciplines. Engineers working in manufacturing businesses are responsible for the safe and efficient planning, management and maintenance of production methods, machinery […]

Laser cutting vs traditional cutting methods

At Yorkshire Profiles our favoured method of sheet metal profiling is laser cutting. With an Amada F1 Co2 laser installed and the intention to install a faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly fibre laser in the near future, we are a fast growing laser cutting company. But, laser cutting isn’t all there is in sheet […]

8 Sectors which can benefit from laser cutting

Laser cutting is an incredibly versatile process that can, and is, used in most sectors. Sometimes people don’t even realise that the metal tool they’re using, the beams across the ceiling or the table on which they’re eating were cut using a laser just like ours. Whether you’re a designer of fashion, interiors or tools, […]

How laser cutting has revolutionised prototyping

Prototyping is incredibly important in the world of invention and design. Creating product prototypes offers the opportunity to assess the functionality of an item, as well as providing the chance to discuss room for improvement. And the art of creating effective prototypes is one that has only grown in terms of efficiency and quality with […]

17 Must Read Alternative Laser Cutting Blogs

The web is filled with innovative and exciting resources filled with all things laser cutting. And it’s not surprising. Laser cutting is such a versatile process that has stretched its grasp into a variety of sectors including construction, science and even fashion. This blog is going to explore the top alternative laser-inspired resources available online. If […]

How Can Custom Laser Cutting Benefit My Business?

Laser cutting has proven to be a vital process for a variety of industries, but there are still businesses out there that don’t understand why it should be utilised. The broad use of laser cutting technology is astounding. From the mass-manufacturing of car engines, to bespoke, one-off customer projects, laser-cutting is at the heart of […]

How Laser Cutting Revolutionised BAE Systems

Laser cutting is a service which is used in more walks of life than most people realise. Its versatility and precision is matched by nothing else, which is why so many industries are choosing to embrace it. One of the companies that laser cutting has completely revolutionised is BAE Systems. BAE Systems are a British […]

Can Laser Technology Be Eco-Friendly?

One of the biggest concerns in modern times is being eco-friendly. People throughout the UK are switching to be more energy efficient in their homes and on the road, to have less of an impact on the environment. With this in mind, laser cutting may be perceived as something that isn’t an environmentally friendly process, […]