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How laser cutting has revolutionised prototyping

Prototyping is incredibly important in the world of invention and design. Creating product prototypes offers the opportunity to assess the functionality of an item, as well as providing the chance to discuss room for improvement. And the art of creating effective prototypes is one that has only grown in terms of efficiency and quality with […]

The Benefits Of Computer Aided Design In The Laser Industry

The manufacturing industry is an extensive one that has a long history of different tools used for various processes. Today, we have Computer Aided Design (better known as CAD) to help us do a variety of jobs that were once tough to do or simply impossible. It’s now rare to have a product that doesn’t take […]

Do Not Scale.

Producing laser cut parts is a straightforward process providing it is done correctly from the start. It is frustrating for both client and supplier when parts are received and they are not what the client desired, it is even more frustrating when it is discovered the inaccuracies are caused by issued drawings. Although quality checks […]