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#FASTERFUSION – Amazing Advancements

It’s extremely rare for us to discuss our clients projects in a public setting, and we were very pleased to gain permission to write about our involvement with an incredible achievement. We recently provided parts for a company called “Tokamak Energy”, and whilst understanding the goal of their company, we were not aware of just […]

Futuristic Manufacturing In An Ancient City

When you think of York, your first thoughts are probably of the grand York Minster, ancient walls, tourists, boutique shops and Vikings. You’d be forgiven for overlooking the vast number of businesses which contribute to the economy by way of manufacturing. With all the recent news coverage of the steel sector collapsing, you’d also be forgiven […]

Cutting Edge Kama

Laser Cut Metal in Martial Arts For an exciting example of the uses of laser cut metals we can look to martial arts and the use of traditional weaponry in practicing these ancient techniques. Seaholme specialise in making such martial arts equipment, just as we at Yorkshire Profiles specialise in laser cutting and metal fabrication. […]

Top Engineering Sector News Sources

As a process-led field, adding value to raw materials by turning them into products through the use of machinery and manpower, manufacturing offers a diverse range of jobs from a wide range of engineering disciplines. Engineers working in manufacturing businesses are responsible for the safe and efficient planning, management and maintenance of production methods, machinery […]

How to Improve Quality and Cut Costs when Sourcing Materials

When it comes to metals for laser cutting it’s vital that you choose one that’s ideal for your individual requirements to make sure you receive the most benefits and are happy with the final results. Alongside the metal type, quality assurance and cost are important considerations when searching for a suitable laser cutting company to […]

Laser cutting vs traditional cutting methods

At Yorkshire Profiles our favoured method of sheet metal profiling is laser cutting. With an Amada F1 Co2 laser installed and the intention to install a faster, more efficient and environmentally friendly fibre laser in the near future, we are a fast growing laser cutting company. But, laser cutting isn’t all there is in sheet […]

Metal fabrication guide for small businesses

A variety of small to medium businesses (SMEs) need metal fabrication services regularly. Any business using metal structures or components appreciates the importance of accurate, efficient and effective metal fabrication services. Just like those provided here at Yorkshire Profiles!  What is Metal Fabrication? Metal fabricators – companies or departments within companies (like ours), specialising in […]

10 uses for laser cut metal

Laser cut metal has a wide variety of different applications across a large section of industries and sectors and is increasing in popularity because of its accuracy, cleaner cutting and quicker production compared to other metal working methods. Typically, laser cutters are used in industrial manufacturing, but as well as the increasing popularity for metals […]

12 of the best laser artists

If you’re not familiar with laser cutting, it’s likely that you won’t realise how versatile the technology actually is. But across the globe people are suddenly taking notice of laser technology – and they’re using it to become very creative indeed. Whether they design jewellery, furniture, or something else entirely, the impact lasers has on […]

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