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Futuristic Manufacturing In An Ancient City

When you think of York, your first thoughts are probably of the grand York Minster, ancient walls, tourists, boutique shops and Vikings. You’d be forgiven for overlooking the vast number of businesses which contribute to the economy by way of manufacturing. With all the recent news coverage of the steel sector collapsing, you’d also be forgiven […]

Metal Offcut Store

[Please note this is an old article and the online store has since ceased to exist]. We have launched a new metal offcut store! This store can be used to purchase our offcuts without facing the minimum order charge associated with production. We will endeavour to keep our online stock updated with what we have […]

Brass cut on waterjet

We sometimes worry when clients see how messy the waterjet is that parts will be received messy too. Below is an example of a polished brass part which is being cut on the waterjet, then after a quick rinse and dry a photo of the end result. Such plates are often used for decorative purposes. […]