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Changes To Services

Removal Of Waterjet Cutting Services It’s the end of an era at Yorkshire Profiles as we remove one of the major services we offer to make way for future technologies. As of August 2014 we will no longer be providing a waterjet cutting service for our clients. The main reason for the removal of this […]

Waterjet Pump Refurbishment

Over time waterjet pumps lose performance and efficiency reducing the speed at which they can cut in order to maintain a high quality cut finish. This means it is necessary to strip the pump down and to fully check all the chambers for scoring marks, the ceramic plungers for damage and pretty much every other […]

Aluminium Calliper

Once a small block of aluminium heading to the scrap bin, this part was cut to size on the waterjet machine with a 2mm machining allowance and then sub-contracted out to one of our clients to produce this lovely calliper. Once a block of scrap aluminium, now a nice calliper.

Waterjet Cut 30mm Steel

The waterjet cutter is able to cut 30mm mild steel with a high level of accuracy. This profile is just 5mm wide and as there is no heat involved, the quality of the cut does not deteriorate. Both the outside profile and the inside of the hole have a smooth sandblasted appearance. 30mm thick waterjet […]

Composite Plywood Waterjet Cut Material

It isn’t always metals we handle here. Often we are required to cut a variety of materials which other cutting machines struggle to provide a high quality finish. These cut-outs were added to some composite plywood panels. Extra details added into plywood panels on the waterjet cutting machine. Waterjet cut composite plywood leaves a nice […]

Aluminium Tread Plate Steps

We don’t just work with simple flat sheets of aluminium. We are capable of supplying, cutting and folding tread plates. This is part of a much larger mezzanine floor project we are working on… Aluminium treadplate step folded using radius tooling Aluminium tread plate formed for a custom mezzanine floor.

Brass cut on waterjet

We sometimes worry when clients see how messy the waterjet is that parts will be received messy too. Below is an example of a polished brass part which is being cut on the waterjet, then after a quick rinse and dry a photo of the end result. Such plates are often used for decorative purposes. […]

Waterjet cut slots

The waterjet cutter allows us to cut relatively narrow slots in thick materials such as stainless steel. Other cutting methods such as plasma cutting would struggle to achieve such clean results, especially on the small holes due to the amount of heat they produce in the cutting process. This means that producing stainless steel components […]

Submerged Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting can be noisy and messy, however one advantage is the ability to raise and lower the water table to submerge the cutting process. This does not affect the quality or the accuracy of the cut but does allow us to keep the noise and spray to a minimum. This is especially useful for […]

M20 Tapped Holes

We cut these holes on our Waterjet to make tapping easier. The laser would harden the material increasing the chances of the tapping tool breaking. We provide a lot of parts for other fabrication and engineering companies and where holes are required to be tapped in thick steels we would always recommend waterjet cutting. Although […]