Changes To Services

Waterjet cutting no longer offered as a service.

Removal Of Waterjet Cutting Services

It’s the end of an era at Yorkshire Profiles as we remove one of the major services we offer to make way for future technologies.

As of August 2014 we will no longer be providing a waterjet cutting service for our clients. The main reason for the removal of this service is the lack of demand due to the advancements in technology in the plasma cutting and laser cutting markets.

The funds raised from the sale of the waterjet have been put towards a large £700,000 (current estimate.) investment scheme which will drastically increase our production capabilities for cut, folded and fabricated metal parts.

How Will This Affect Me?

If your parts are laser cut or folded by us then you can expect more competitive prices on bulk orders as we begin to compete with the mass producers. You can also expect an improvement in product lead times, even on large orders as we remove the bottleneck in our production.

If you are a waterjet customer, you may still be able to use us as our new laser cutting equipment will be able to cut thick brass, copper and even titanium!

So what’s next for Yorkshire Profiles?

More details will be released at each stage of the scheme but here is a brief outline of what is coming up in the next couple of months:

  • BS EN 1090 Compliance is to be achieved for the manufacture of structural steel components.
  • August 26th 2014 we will be installing our new Bystronic 3 metre 100t press brake to increase our metal folding capacity.
  • We are currently in negotiations for installing a new 4kw Fibre Laser during 2015. This will allow us to resume cutting Brass, Copper and Titanium as well as more than doubling our current cutting capacity.
  • We will be moving to a larger facility to allow us to continue to increase our capacity in-line with the demand for our laser cutting, metal folding and metal fabrication services.
  • The website will be refreshed to highlight the new range of service we offer.

It’s exciting times as we continue to improve the level of quality, speed and affordability of the services we offer. We have organised the move and the expansion of the business to be non-disruptive to the production schedule so there will not be any down time.

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