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Metal Offcut Store

[Please note this is an old article and the online store has since ceased to exist]. We have launched a new metal offcut store! This store can be used to purchase our offcuts without facing the minimum order charge associated with production. We will endeavour to keep our online stock updated with what we have […]

2B, or not 2B… seriously, is it?

It’s not often that a question arises which can cause chaos in the ranks at Yorkshire Profiles but during the processing of a large order an interesting issue came to light which required a bit of external advice. The material in question is 4003 Grade Stainless Steel, also known as 3CR12. This material is supplied with […]

Stainless Steel Fabrication

This project was to fully fabricate a stainless steel gantry for the food industry. This stainless steel fabrication was designed by one of our clients and fully fabricated by ourselves to their specifications. First the stainless steel box sections were cut to length and welded to create the frame. The facia plates were nearly 4 […]

Laser Etched Part Numbers

We are able to use our industrial laser to etch part numbers onto steel and stainless plates. This is not the same as laser engraving and the quality isn’t ideal for “display purposes”. It is ideal for assisting with identifying parts or for markings with an industrial nature. All etching is single line and we […]

Solar Panel Brackets

We produce both custom and universal brackets for a wide range of industries. The misconception that you have to go to China to have mass produced parts manufactured for a low price has never been further from the truth, such parts can be manufactured right here in the UK for great value and high quality. […]

Laser cut small detail

The industrial laser cutter allows us to cut small details into various materials. This is a picture of small text cut into 5mm thick stainless steel plate. These parts were then folded and polished in house as part of a complete service. Small detail cut into 5mm thick stainless steel using our industrial laser cutter […]

Waterjet cut slots

The waterjet cutter allows us to cut relatively narrow slots in thick materials such as stainless steel. Other cutting methods such as plasma cutting would struggle to achieve such clean results, especially on the small holes due to the amount of heat they produce in the cutting process. This means that producing stainless steel components […]