Stainless Steel Fabrication

A head for stainless steel fabrication blog post

This project was to fully fabricate a stainless steel gantry for the food industry. This stainless steel fabrication was designed by one of our clients and fully fabricated by ourselves to their specifications.

First the stainless steel box sections were cut to length and welded to create the frame. The facia plates were nearly 4 metres long, which meant we had to produce them in two halves, weld them in the middle then polish to look like one complete piece.

Working to a tight deadline the team pulled through to produce this excellent product.

Stainless steel fabricated framework

Stainless steel fabricated frame for a walkway gantry.

Stainless steel welded box section.

Stainless steel welding and polished box section.

Aluminium tread plates added to stainless steel fabrication.

A member of the team at Yorkshire Profiles completes a metal assembly by adding aluminium tread plates.

A stainless steel fabricated gantry

A full stainless steel fabrication service offered by Yorkshire Profiles produced this gantry for the food industry.

The end product was delivered using one of our own vehicles from our fleet.

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd