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Forming Capacity Increases…

We have had a very busy summer and have needed more folding capacity… So we bought some! A sudden and very large scale demand for our services over the summer months quickly highlighted the biggest bottleneck in production being at our folding facilities. As the Directors are confident that this demand will continue the only […]

2B, or not 2B… seriously, is it?

It’s not often that a question arises which can cause chaos in the ranks at Yorkshire Profiles but during the processing of a large order an interesting issue came to light which required a bit of external advice. The material in question is 4003 Grade Stainless Steel, also known as 3CR12. This material is supplied with […]

Metallic Gold Powder Coating

We often work on prototype products which are about to enter the market and some catch our eye more than others. This product required us to produce an accurate radius bend and a presentable tight fitting case. We just love the colour the inventor has chosen for his designs! The fact that this product is made […]

Square to Round Mild Steel Fabrication

At Yorkshire Profiles we manufacture “hoppers” of all kind in various shapes and sizes for different industries. Quite often these have a “Square to Round” shape. This term is used even if the part is more of a rectangular shape to round, or even to an oval shape. Mild steel “Square to Round” cut and folded Square […]

Powder Coated Fabrication

This box was produced for an environmental based business in the UK. It was cut on our laser then folded and welded by our fabrication team. It was important to have a high quality weld on all seams as any discrepancies would show through the powder coating. A mild steel box welded and powder coated […]

Stainless Steel Fabrication

This project was to fully fabricate a stainless steel gantry for the food industry. This stainless steel fabrication was designed by one of our clients and fully fabricated by ourselves to their specifications. First the stainless steel box sections were cut to length and welded to create the frame. The facia plates were nearly 4 […]

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