Powder Coated Fabrication

A riveted steel fabrication which has been powder coated

This box was produced for an environmental based business in the UK. It was cut on our laser then folded and welded by our fabrication team. It was important to have a high quality weld on all seams as any discrepancies would show through the powder coating.

A green powder coated box.

A mild steel box welded and powder coated green for an environmental based business.

As with a large portion of the work we carry out we can only show areas of the product and not the whole design. Once the part was complete and powder coated it was required to add inserts for other components and a door section to fit onto the box.

A rivetted mild steel box.

Rivets added to a mild steel box.

As time limits are always tight in this industry, it was important that these were added with the correct skills and tools to keep the process quick and not to mark the freshly coated surface.

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd