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Metallic Gold Powder Coating

We often work on prototype products which are about to enter the market and some catch our eye more than others. This product required us to produce an accurate radius bend and a presentable tight fitting case. We just love the colour the inventor has chosen for his designs! The fact that this product is made […]

Powder Coated Fabrication

This box was produced for an environmental based business in the UK. It was cut on our laser then folded and welded by our fabrication team. It was important to have a high quality weld on all seams as any discrepancies would show through the powder coating. A mild steel box welded and powder coated […]

Aluminium Powder Coated Brackets

These aluminium brackets were cut on our laser and then folded as part of a complete service. No drawings could be supplied for these parts so they were reproduced and colour matched to a sample which was made available to us. We appreciate that sometimes electronic drawings are not always available and try to accommodate this where […]