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Metal Offcut Store

[Please note this is an old article and the online store has since ceased to exist]. We have launched a new metal offcut store! This store can be used to purchase our offcuts without facing the minimum order charge associated with production. We will endeavour to keep our online stock updated with what we have […]

Stainless Steel Fabrication

This project was to fully fabricate a stainless steel gantry for the food industry. This stainless steel fabrication was designed by one of our clients and fully fabricated by ourselves to their specifications. First the stainless steel box sections were cut to length and welded to create the frame. The facia plates were nearly 4 […]

Aluminium Tread Plate Steps

We don’t just work with simple flat sheets of aluminium. We are capable of supplying, cutting and folding tread plates. This is part of a much larger mezzanine floor project we are working on… Aluminium treadplate step folded using radius tooling Aluminium tread plate formed for a custom mezzanine floor.