Additional Metal Folding Capacity….

High volume metal folding using press brakes

One of the largest bottlenecks in sheet metal goods production is the folding of the metal components. This is because the laser cutting equipment we have can produce parts at a much faster rate than we can fold them (especially when accuracy and quality are held in high regard).

Recognising this fact and as demand for our services soars, we have taken the next step to greatly increase our production capacity by investing in another press-brake. The new Bystronic Xact pressbrake will allow us to improve our lead times for metal folded parts and sheet metal fabrications.

The new press-brake is 100t and can fold parts up to 3-metres in length. This will be a nice compliment to our existing 170t 3-metre press-brake. All of our metal folding equipment has 4-axis backstops meaning efficiency remains high as the operator is not required to manually adjust the backstops between different sized folds. The machines also contain a parts database meaning that you can expect repeatable accuracy over your orders.

The extra metal folding capacity will be available to all of our clients from 28th August 2014.

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd