Laser cut small detail

Small text laser cut into stainless steel sheet metal

The industrial laser cutter allows us to cut small details into various materials. This is a picture of small text cut into 5mm thick stainless steel plate.

These parts were then folded and polished in house as part of a complete service.

Laser cutting small detail

Small detail cut into 5mm thick stainless steel using our industrial laser cutter

Although our waterjet cutter performs well at cutting small details into thick materials due to the lack of heat, the width of the waterjet beam when using abrasive garnet is between 0.8mm and 1.4mm depending on the size of the nozzle used. This means that small text detail requires at least a 0.4mm – 0.7mm radius on internal details. However on our laser cutting equipment the width of the beam is incredibly narrow and when combined with a nitrogen assist gas, amazing small details can be laser cut out of stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.

This particular component will be used at the depths of the oceans. This meant that etching or printed text would have been of no use, so the stainless steel part was designed to have the text required to be laser cut through the material so it would always be visible.

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