Composite Plywood Waterjet Cut Material

Waterjet cut wood

It isn’t always metals we handle here. Often we are required to cut a variety of materials which other cutting machines struggle to provide a high quality finish. These cut-outs were added to some composite plywood panels.

Plywood panels which have been altered on a waterjet cutting machine.

Extra details added into plywood panels on the waterjet cutting machine.

Waterjet cut plywood panels

Waterjet cut composite plywood leaves a nice smooth finish.

The waterjet leaves a nice clean finish, unlike our laser cutter which would have left a distinctive burnt edge. The only down-side to waterjet cutting materials like plywood, is that on small holes, the pierce can lead to a small fracture as shown below.

Plywood fractures on waterjet cutter

Composite plywood material can fracture when piercing small holes.

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