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Top Engineering Sector News Sources

As a process-led field, adding value to raw materials by turning them into products through the use of machinery and manpower, manufacturing offers a diverse range of jobs from a wide range of engineering disciplines. Engineers working in manufacturing businesses are responsible for the safe and efficient planning, management and maintenance of production methods, machinery […]

Top 50 Engineering Universities

The engineering industry is progressively becoming one of the most desirable industries to qualify for with over 200 sectors that come under the engineering field, all with specific qualification requirements that can be gained at University. Universities offer numerous courses that enable learners to work for their chosen region of engineering, all of which vary […]

50 Best Paid Jobs

At Yorkshire Profiles, we specialise in laser cutting, waterjet cutting and metal fabrication, and the products we create and work on go into many different industries. From manufacturing to engineering, our services are required across the board and we work with a huge range of companies to provide them with the perfect laser cutting services. […]

Greatest Engineering Achievements

Some of the world’s most prestigious works of structural engineering in the world are absolutely stunning to look at, and they’ve transformed into huge tourist attractions over the years. Whether it’s the Taj Mahal in India or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the world plays host to some astounding feats of construction. These buildings feature […]

Top 50 Engineering Blogs

Laser cutting is a huge part of numerous industries, from construction to engineering, and there are many fabrication companies across the globe that work on new and interesting projects all the time. There are also countless new methods for laser and WaterJet cutting produced on a consistent basis, and if you want to be the […]