Major Upgrade 2020

Major Laser Upgrade

We have waited patiently for technology in the laser cutting industry to improve beyond the current generation of Fibre laser cutting systems which we have felt do not meet our quality or productivity needs. We are pleased to announce that the machine of our dreams now exists and we have placed the order. This machine will greatly improve our capacity and quality above the vast majority in our industry. We will cover the specifications of our new abilities closer to the launch.

For now, we are providing all of our clients advanced notice that this will impact our services during April 2020.

Monday 6th April: Decommissioning of aging equipment commences.

Tuesday 14th April: Commissioning and testing of new equipment begins.

Monday 27th April: Launch of new services.

We expect the following impact:

  • 0.5mm – 3mm thick materials will not be affected and will be processed as normal.
  • 4mm – 8mm materials may have an expected 1 week lead time. We will be providing extra shifts to process this range of materials on our other laser.
  • 10mm and above will not be processed until launch. Our new equipment can cut thick materials very quickly and to a much higher quality than we have previously been able to offer.
Yorkshire Profiles Ltd

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd