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The web is filled with innovative and exciting resources filled with all things laser cutting. And it’s not surprising. Laser cutting is such a versatile process that has stretched its grasp into a variety of sectors including construction, science and even fashion.

This blog is going to explore the top alternative laser-inspired resources available online. If you want to know more about this fantastic laser technology, and are excited about its endless possibilities, prepare to be amazed!

1. Architizer.com

Architecture is just one industry that has adopted and utilised laser cutting into their everyday designs. It can be seen all around us if we just take the time to notice it, but maybe you’re not sure exactly what you should be looking for? This is where the brilliant Architizer’s blog comes to the rescue.

The link above will take you direct to a variety of explorations into the innovative and unique side of laser cutting. It’s a great resource if you really are trying to get an overview of just how far the laser industry stretches, as well as how creative the technology can be when it’s used in a certain way.

2. Ponoko.com

Ponoko take the idea of creative laser work to the next level, and we’re incredibly excited about what’s available on their website when it comes to laser cutting.

If you head on over to the blog section of their website, you will find a large variety of unique laser cutting ideas. We’re talking about using laser cutting services to create everything from special business cards, to inventive takes on clothing. It really is a great insight to those wondering how they can use lasers and also be creative, and also for those who have a strong creative gene.

3. Tronotes

Tronotes is an online laser magazine that is popular with laser users. Their regular informative posts and updates make them a fantastic resource for those who want to keep up with the latest news and developments in the industry.

With posts about topics such as laser cutting acrylics, and how to use lasers to make unique Holiday ornaments, Tronotes really is a website to frequent if you love laser cutting. It will also inspire and help you make the most of any laser cutting services you receive or perform yourself. Everyone wins!

4. Laser Cut Design Lab

On this blog, you’ll find access to such a vast variety of ways to be creative with lasers. It’s an exciting one for people who are after ideas when it comes to integrating lasers with every day creative designs.

Laser Cut Design Lab provide an endless amount of how-to guides and instructions to make a world of innovative and stylish items from earrings to necklaces and bags.

The blog does this by cleverly providing the instructions to make the items in a recipe-style format. By this, we mean that they offer a list of the tools and items you’ll need, closely followed by a step by step guide to creating the product. This really is a brilliant resource for those who love laser cutting and design and would like to refine their craft, or take it to the next level.

5. Laser Tech

For those interested in the professional side of Laser Cutting, look no further. Lasertech.com offer a blog for anyone interested in this aspect of the world of lasers. You will find a variety of posts, including ones about conferences and laser events all around the world – a great resource for those thinking of laser cutting on a global scale.

6. Ophiro Photonics

For those wanting a resource that will allow them to keep up with all the latest laser cutting industry news, then stop your search right now! Ophiro Photonics post a variety of innovative and intriguing blogs all about the latest developments in the laser cutting sector.

A great read for those wanting to keep at the very forefront of the industry, you can be sure this site is full of useful and exciting posts for those that adore lasers.

7. Laser Classroom

Lasers are also being incorporated into the education sector. Laser Classroom use this technology to teach and educate the youth of today, and their blog is also fantastic. You’ll find an array of posts discussing incorporating lasers into children’s education, and specific ways that lasers can be used to create a new take on science in the classroom.

It really is bringing lasers to the forefront of the world’s mind, and makes for an incredibly interesting and thought provoking resource for those who have a great interest in laser cutting.

8. Electronics Lab

If you’re wanting to keep up to date with the latest innovative developments that lasers are birthing, then look no further than Electronics Lab. On this website, you’ll find content discussing things such as laser 3D printers, laser trip wires and much more.

It really is like getting access to the world of lasers, as well as the future of the products, and we’re incredibly excited by all we see on this blog. So if you love laser cutting, and want to know just how far the process can be pushed, check out this blog for some new and innovative ideas that are sure to blow your socks off.

9. Laser World

Laser World are a specialist laser company that take pride in offering lasers available for sale and also a leasing option. Due to their insider knowledge and expertise, it’s unsurprising that Laser World also provide a great resource on their blog all about the exciting and intense world of laser cutting.

Latest posts from the resource include an overview of the laser cutting industry in 2014, but that’s only the beginning. Take a look and see what you can find on the innovative Laser World blog by clicking the link above.

10. Makezine

Makezine is a creative online magazine that specialises in making unique products. One area that they have a particular affinity for is the versatile art of laser cutting, and it sure is exciting.

They provide all-encompassing guides on laser cutting techniques, as well as inspiring articles on laser cutting acrylic origami. And they even offer a post that acts as a crash course in laser cutting. We’re impressed with what Makezine have to offer in regards to the laser industry, and they’re a great resource that proves laser cutting is achievable by all, as well a an immensely creatively versatile process.

11. MSRaynsford

If you’re looking for a blog filled with the very latest in laser cutting design, then look no further than MsRaynsford. Described the collection as ‘365 laser cut items in 365’, you can expect to find an extremely vast and varied selection of an array of items all cut by lasers.

Typical features include intricate engraving on shields, as well a rubber stamps and in the shape of labyrinths to mention just a small selection of the innovative designs. It’s blogs like these that really show the heart and soul of creative laser cutting, and demonstrate once more just how great process it actually is.

12. Claire Brewer

If you’re interested in a step by step guide to laser cutting, then this blog from Claire Brewer is ideal. She describes the entire process that she performed to create a quirky laser cut out of an intricate metal bird. The end result is vastly impressive and beautiful to behold to all – which is why we like this post from Brewer so much!

This is a great resource for those who are interested in creating their own laser cutting creative designs, yet feel like it’s out of their reach. It really isn’t! And Claire Brewer proves it.

13. Strategies Unlimited

Strategies Unlimited are a great news resource, and specialise in providing a variety of news and developments on the a selection of industries, one of which is the laser sector.

They are a great resource for anyone who wants the latest news on laser cutting right at their fingertips. Keeping up to date with the industry means you’re always getting the most out of your laser cutting/cutting abilities. So check this one out if you’d like to be in the heart of the latest laser cutting process and developments.

14. Laser Cut Fabric

If you’re interested in laser cutting fabric, then Laser Cut Fabric is the resource for you. Laser Cut Fabric specialise in making laser cutting trendy. They do this by creative thought provoking, unique blogs and posts that cover everything ranging from whether lasers are sexy, through to laser cutting silk for icons such as Vera Wang.

It’s a well thought out, exciting way to explore the world of laser cutting. And what we really like about Laser Cut Fabric is that they’re just as much keen fashionistas as they are laser cutting enthusiasts. What a great mix!

In short, this has made our resource list because it’s a really great online source for those who love both fashion and lasers. So check it out if you’d like to find endless information about combining the two to create something beautiful to behold.

15. Inventables

Inventables also take an interest in high fashion and how they use lasers to create intricate and innovative designs. There’s no room for the high street in this blog, and we’re happy to find they really do provide a collection of brilliant, innovative items of clothing.

Check out the above post we’ve linked to in the title to see some of the most awe-inspiring laser cutting designs we’ve come across so far.

There’s everything on them, from shoes to dresses to bags, and they’re just waiting to be discovered by you. It’s hard to believe that each one has been carefully etched by beautiful lasers. And it makes for a pretty impressive, exciting subject area to explore.

16. Unique Laser Designs

If you’re hoping to great creative with laser cutting, then take a look at this blog from Unique Laser Designs. The company specialise in creative exciting products with their lasers, and make everything from unique photo frames through to seasonal Easter decorations.

With a step by step style and array of pictures of the process they follow when making them, it really does allow a rather unique access to the world of intricate, creative laser cutting that we find really impressive.

17. Retail Design Blog

Design specialist Retail Design Blog have a whole section dedicated to the art of laser cutting. We recommend you explore this resource if you like the idea of incorporating laser cutting into items such as glasses. But the main aim of those blog is actually exploring how laser cutting is used in stylish and sleek interior design.

You’ll find real life examples of where laser cutting has been incorporated into the decor of restaurants and modern shops, and it really does provide unique access to laser cutting in a whole new light.

In this case, the centrefold of modern interior design is laser cutting. And it really does create some unique spaces that will impress.

Are you in need of laser cutting?

There you have it, our best laser cutting resources. We hope you find the links useful, and feel a little more inspired and informed about the rousing world of laser cutting.

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