8 Sectors which can benefit from laser cutting

8 sectors that can benefit from laser cutting

Laser cutting is an incredibly versatile process that can, and is, used in most sectors. Sometimes people don’t even realise that the metal tool they’re using, the beams across the ceiling or the table on which they’re eating were cut using a laser just like ours.

Whether you’re a designer of fashion, interiors or tools, an engineer in manufacturing or the owner of a hotel in need of sculptures for your lobby, you and your sector can benefit from the speed, cost effectiveness and precision of laser cutting!

1. Architecture & Construction
If you’re an architect or work in construction, you can appreciate just how many parts and how much equipment is required to see any building work to completion. It may not surprise you to learn that laser cutting plays an important part in construction, as can be seen in our blog article Ten Uses of Laser Cut Metal. But what might surprise you is that laser cutting can do more for this sector!
From pipe work through tools and even toolboxes, to the sculpture work built in to the walls as an architectural feature, laser cutting provides the opportunity to gain speedy access to custom designed work and standard pieces.

2. Automotive & Transport
From stainless steel parts and panels from zinc-coated mild steel, to tool components used in agriculture, marine, railway, aerospace and heavy engineering transport, laser cutting can provide this sector with precision products at cost effective prices and short lead times. While most vehicle chassis are made using laser cutting, there is room left for more! We manufacture parts for the inside of vehicles using laser cut mild steel, and other automotive and transport companies should be taking advantage of this fast and precise tool at their disposal!

3. Electronics & Security
When it comes to the precise nature of the parts and materials required for electronics, including security cameras and their associated systems, it’s no wonder they can benefit from laser cutting. From door handle seals in their tens of thousands to computer mounting brackets in their hundreds, the security and electronics sector requires speed, precision and a short turn around on a lot of parts. And that’s where laser cutting technology puts its hand in the air and yells “pick me!”

4. Furniture & Lighting
When it comes to the design process for furniture and lighting – whether custom designed or batch for retail sales – laser cutting is the way forward for this sector. Laser cutting allows for an array of intricate designs to be cut into sheets for the manufacture of tables, chairs, benches and light fixtures. Laser cutting can revolutionise your design and manufacturing process because of its precision and the ability to CAD program anything you like!

5. Arts
As we’ve discussed in our article Ten uses for laser cutting, laser cutting can be used in many creative pursuits, including sculptures. It can also be used to make tools and equipment for artistic endeavours like martial arts [article link] and even pallets, easels and clay modelling tools too!
Incorporating laser cutting in to design isn’t something that first springs to mind when thinking in or about the creative sector, but the precision and design capabilities of a CAD programmed laser like our F1 make it perfect for use in creative and artistic areas.

6. Fashion & Retail
When you think of fashion and shopping trips, you wouldn’t associate either with laser cut metal, but they can be! From designs in the window displays, to the rails holding the clothing or shelves holding the food, retail utilises metal a lot. And if it isn’t already cut using a laser like ours, it should be! Fashion, too, can benefit from laser cutting for those intricate designs in metal work on wedding dressing, skirts, shirts and jackets. The innovation in design provided by the use of CAD programmed laser cutting is perfect for the fashion design and retail sector!

7. Energy & Utilities
Power stations and even the office block call centres of energy companies already include laser cut metal work in the desks, building sidings and electronics. But, there is more that can be done in this sector through utilising laser cutting. For instance, we were part of the renovation of Draks Power Station; turning it in to a renewable energy power station using biomass. Amazing moves forward in renewable energy and power efficiency can be gained from using laser cutting more in this sector.

8. Catering
The catering sector uses a great deal of metal in its day to day operations, from metal kitchen counters and Bain marries, to table legs and bar equipment. But there’s always room for more! Laser cutting can produce trolleys, hot holding counters and even pans! Even smaller items like condiments baskets and menu holders can be cut using a laser. Of course, there is some fabrication involved as these component pieces will need to be bent into shape and welded together, but don’t forget, we also offer those services alongside our laser cutting!

So, if you have laser cutting needs, no matter what sector, industry or company you’re in, as laser cutting specialists, we can help! Give Yorkshire Profiles a call on 01904 737095, email us on sales@yorkshireprofiles.co.uk, or if you’ve already designed your .dxf or .dwg, have a go at getting your own quote using our online system!

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