10 uses for laser cut metal

10 uses for laser cut metal

Laser cut metal has a wide variety of different applications across a large section of industries and sectors and is increasing in popularity because of its accuracy, cleaner cutting and quicker production compared to other metal working methods. Typically, laser cutters are used in industrial manufacturing, but as well as the increasing popularity for metals cut with a laser, the method itself is gaining ground too. Hobbyists and even schools have access to laser cutting machinery!

1. Medical

surgical instruments

Laser cut metal is used throughout the medical field, from trolleys and beds made from stainless steel, through aluminium brackets and machine components to titanium surgical instruments and orthopaedic rods, pins and plates.

Although there are a variety of uses for many different metals in the medical field, laser cut titanium is the most interesting. Titanium resists corrosion, is biocompatible and has an innate ability to join with human bone, making it a staple metal used in this sector. While many surgical instruments and titanium plates can now be printed using a metal 3D printer, laser cutting was the primary method for medical titanium cutting, and in some areas is still the preferred method.

2. Art

Whether it’s for the creation of 3D sculptures or something to display on the wall, laser cutting metal can allow for the creation of beautiful and intricate designs that, depending on the metal’s corrosion resistance and the desired look, can last for years even outside. Just look at the Kelpies in Scotland: beautiful sculptures made from metal cut using lasers – we know, because we did the eyes!

3. Tables and Chairs

table and chairs

Tables and chairs are often plates cut to size and fixed to tubular or “block” legs, regardless of the material they’re made from. Even wooden tables can be cut using a laser, although you’d have to lower the laser’s intensity to prevent the wood from catching fire!

One of the great elements of laser cutting metal to fabricate tables and chairs is that the cut precision allows for really intricate, bespoke designs. It is usually outdoor furniture that is made of metal – aluminium, mostly, because of its corrosion resistance. But indoor tables and chairs can be made of metal too, and designed uniquely to match your own style.

4. Lamps

As good as laser cut tables and chairs look, the process of laser cutting metal isn’t limited to “ordinary” furniture. In fact, it can be used to create almost any item of furniture, from bed frames that are similar in process to tables, to smaller household items.

Whether laser cutting is used to design a unique lampshade or to create the lamp’s base, it’s a great way of injecting bespoke design features into your home.

5. Stencils

When it comes to decorating or drawing, a stencil can bring uniformity and creativity together by allowing the design of a bespoke pattern or picture to reproduce perfectly over and over again. Whether it is butterflies, swooping branches, stars or even more intricate designs, the precision cut and programming of the laser cutter can provide perfect results.

6. Tools

From spades to hammers, laser cutting can be used to manufacture the metal components for almost any tool made from stainless or mild steel, or aluminium. The tools are precisely cut and because of the laser cut, the metal is untarnished during production.

7. Jewellery

ear ring

Even delicate and intricate designs for jewellery can be cut using a laser, although probably not one as large as ours! With a stream 0.15mm thick on thin material, cutting tiny designs into sheet metal to create pendants and earrings is a doddle for our F1, although would only be worth doing on bulk orders utilising entire sheets. The smaller lasers are more useful for this purpose as they are more cost effective for small-batch cutting of this kind.

8. Interior Design

Laser cut sheet metal can make a great alternative material for room dividers, allowing the creation of more space with an innovative design of your choosing. Utilising laser cut metals in interior design ideas can give you that truly bespoke look you’ve always wanted, incorporating the expertise of our laser programmers with the precision laser cutting and your creativity!

9. Catering

Few people think of the catering industry relating in any way to laser cutting metals, but the majority of equipment in a catering kitchen, for example, is produced using laser cut 430 grade stainless steel (known in the industry as “catering grade”). Serving utensils made from stainless steel, tables and chairs in aluminium and even the steel firkins (casks) and their racks in the cellar are all produced (at least in part) using laser cutting.

10. Aerospace


Not only does the production of aeroplanes themselves involve laser cutting metal, but so do the metal detectors, conveyors, trolleys and even the “stillages” (boxes and cages, to you and I!) containing mechanical tools are made using laser cut metals. A vast industry in itself, aerospace is one of the biggest utilises of laser cut metal because of its accuracy and versatility in cutting metals for construction and mechanical components.

There you have it. Ten uses for laser cut metal that you may not have previously considered. If you’re considering utilising laser cutting services, but your industry or purpose is not on this list, don’t worry! These are just some of the more obscure uses. Our F1 laser can cut almost anything from sheet steels and aluminium. Give Yorkshire Profiles a call and we’ll be happy to help!

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