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Here at Yorkshire Profiles Ltd we are extremely well-established specialists in laser cutting, waterjet cutting and sheet metal fabrication, which we offer on a business-to-business basis. We always make sure that we provide services of the highest possible quality, no matter how big or how small the job. We are ISO9001:2008 registered so you can order assured that we take quality and service seriously.

Our laser cutting service

Our highly technological laser cutting service promises to deliver results of excellent quality, each and every time. The advanced technology involved in our laser cutting set-up means that our laser cutting is not only unbelievably accurate but is completed at a rapid rate too. For this reason we are able to offer our extremely reasonable and competitive prices for laser cutting services – we are one of the leading laser cutters in the United Kingdom.

Our laser cutting machine

The Amada F1 laser cutter we use is one of the fastest CO2 laser cutters on the market and allows us to carry out all manner of laser cutting tasks with a maximum part size of 3000mm x 1500mm and up to 25mm thick!

About the Amada F1

It has a very high-powered 4 kw oscillator, which can cut materials of up to 25 mm in thickness. It has a shuttle table, which allows for much faster material changes, which in turn dramatically reduces down-time as well as part costs. Another clever feature of the Amada F1 is that it has a ball bearing loading system, which works to prevent any scratching that could occur during the loading and the unloading processes. The machine has a stainless steel cutting table for when a job requires us to cut stainless steel parts – this is especially important and advantageous, because it helps greatly to prevent any chances of cross-contamination between stainless steel and mild steel, as well as dramatically reducing the frustrating occurrence of splattering. One of the main strengths of the Amada F1 is just how speedy it makes the entire laser cutting process. It can cut up to 25 mm mild steel, 12 mm stainless steel and 6 mm aluminium. Contact us if you would like to know more about our Amada F1 and the unbeatable services it allows us to deliver.

Why laser cutting is advantageous

  • The process is an extremely fast one

  • It is a lot more cost effective than many other cutting methods

  • The laser ensures an extremely accurate cut

  • The process allows for a wonderfully smooth finish

  • In some cases the result can be a nice, polished appearance

  • The fact that there is no physical contact during the cutting process means that there is no chance of marks or distortion around the cut

  • The machine can run unmanned all day and all night, allowing us to offer superb 24/7 service

Our waterjet cutting service

We have been proud to offer our waterjet cutting service here at Yorkshire Profiles Ltd for well over a decade now. We can cut a wide variety of materials using the waterjet cutting machine, and always strive to deliver the finest possible customer service. A brilliant alternative to laser cutting, the waterjet cutting method is more environmentally friendly, and it is important to us here at Yorkshire Profiles Ltd that we continue to offer such a service.

Our waterjet cutting machine

It has an operating pressure of 60,000 PSI, and can facilitate a maximum cutting size of 3,000 mm x 1,500 mm. It is a twin-head machine, which allows us to cut two parts identically at the same time. It also means that it can handle a lot of work and help us keep up with our ever-increasing workload. It can cut most materials which are up to 150 mm in thickness. The machine bed is custom designed, which we are delighted to say means it is more cost effective to run, thus allowing us to charge our brilliantly low prices. (It is worth noting that although most waterjet machines can cut materials of up to 200 mm in thickness – ours included – but we find that more often than not, the resulting cut is inaccurate to an unacceptable degree, which is why we only cut materials of up to 150 mm in thickness.)

Why waterjet cutting is advantageous

  • Waterjet cutting is classed as ‘green technology’ which, just as it sounds, indicates that it offers an environmentally friendly way to cut

  • Water is the main waste product, meaning it can safely be returned to circulation and be used again

  • The abrasive sand waste product is pumped from the tank and can often be recycled and reused, but if not it is disposed of at a landfill

  • There is no heat-affected zone with waterjet cutting, because it is cold – this means that because there are no large amounts of heat, there is no chance of materials being distorted or misshapen

  • The waterjet beam is the only place there is a significant amount of pressure applied to the material

  • Because our waterjet cutting machine has two heads, this means we can cut two identical parts at the very same time

  • This is time-effective

  • This is cost-effective

  • This is reflected in the prices we charge for our services

  • Usually there are no secondary operations necessary

  • There are no rough edges left

  • The cut edge has either a smooth or a sand-blasted finish

  • In comparison to the laser cutting service, we can cut many more materials with our waterjet cutter

  • We can do common line cutting – meaning we can cut two straight edges on two different things so that they align with one another

Sheet metal fabrication

We offer a number of sheet metal fabrication services here at Yorkshire Profiles Ltd. Our 3D development software allows us to design exactly what you want, which we then make with our state-of-the-art machinery and equipment. If you have your own 3D designs, you can send them to us and we will take it from there.

Sheet metal folding

We can fold materials of various thickness provided they are up to three metres in length, thanks to our Amada press brake – which has seven axes. We can also save the details of your parts to our database, so that if you require any more of the same fold, we can provide it straight off the bat.

Our safety edge tooling means that a tight, 180-degree fold is added to the edge of your sheets, in order to prevent any sharp edges – which is always something you should be concerned about but especially so if the sheet is going to be used in public areas.

Metalwork services

As well as sheet metal folding, we also specialise in other metalwork services, including hole-tapping and countersinking. Unless you specify otherwise, they will be completely de-burred – sometimes we get clients who prefer us not to – which is fine.

Welding services

So that we can offer customers a wider variety of services and continue to expand the business into other areas, we offer a fantastic array of welding services. We weld using both tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG), depending on the job at hand. We also offer spot welding services, which we can do on big or small projects alike. Some of the materials we have experience welding are mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

We are happy to take on any job that you have for us, whether that is building fascias, stair and gantry assemblies, sheet metal enclosures, or bespoke drawer units and light fittings.

Powder coating and anodising

We have established excellent relationships with nationwide (and local) powder coating companies, and can offer these services to you. Though these are of course third party services, we promise that they will be as well-executed as they would be if we were doing them ourselves.

Company background

Founded in 2001 by Martin Halliwell, Yorkshire Profiles Ltd started off as a very small waterjet cutting operation. The first machine used by the business was, looking back, somewhat primitive by today’s standards: it was, frankly, quite unreliable and frequently produced inaccurate results. As you can imagine, this caused the business to struggle, eventually culminating in the machine being sent back to the supplier.

We then began to look for a new, much better waterjet cutting machine, which we sourced from WaterJet Sweden. The results improved immediately and dramatically, cutting much more accurately than the previous machine and more than doubling the capacity of the business. We were now getting into our stride.

This trusty new WaterJet Sweden machine, in fact, allowed us to establish a 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week operation of production. Especially thick plates could be left to cut overnight, without the need for any human supervision, and the parts would be ready by the next morning for collection by the customer.

Yorkshire Profiles had a beloved company mascot: a German Shepherd who went by the name of Mr Anderson, who had a really good ear for the waterjet machine’s health – he could tell by the sounds it made whether or not it was running nice and smoothly. Unfortunately, Mr Anderson passed away and his presence is sorely missed; he has never been replaced.

From a business perspective, though, things were starting to go our way. We had new customers and clients coming in left, right and centre, and as a consequence we had to hire a few more staff members in order to keep up with the ever-increasing workload.

We were delighted to turn the company into a family-run business, as Martin’s wife Karen became a crucial member of the workforce, as did their son Matthew in 2007.

We made a bold decision to purchase a second cutting machine, this time a state-of-the-art laser cutting one – in the middle of the recession – but as business was still strong despite the financial climate, and our single waterjet machine could not keep up with the workload, we had to invest in more equipment. We are delighted to say this was absolutely the right choice. It allowed us to take on even more work and also take on even more employees, doubling the size of the workforce.

We still cut using both water jets and lasers, and with both services are able to manage our workload brilliantly and appropriately. We not only serve customers in North Yorkshire now, but nationwide!

Everyone here at Yorkshire Profiles is trained to an extremely high standard from day one, and through hands-on experience they become even more skilled. That is our ethos here, and it also dramatically increases our costs – meaning we can charge such competitive rates for our fantastic services.

The three things we make sure we always focus on here at Yorkshire Profiles Ltd are:

      • Affordably-priced service

      • Accurate parts

      • Fast turnaround

If, for whatever reason, we are not able to meet these requirements first time round in any instance, the team pull together and do whatever it takes to rectify the situation.

A brief background on laser cutting

The first production laser cutting machine was made in 1965 by the Western Electric Engineering Research Center in New York, USA. It was used to drill holes in diamond dies. Two years later over here in the UK, laser-assisted oxygen jet cutting was pioneered, but it was not until the early 1970s that this technology was put into utilisation – it started to be used to cut titanium in the production of aerospace applications. Simultaneously, carbon dioxide lasers were developed for the cutting of non-metallic materials.

A brief background on waterjet cutting

In 1933 in the US state of Wisconsin, the Paper Patents Company who were based there pioneered a machine which cut and reeled paper by way of a diagonally-moving waterjet nozzle. This first instance was, of course, only a soft material like paper, but it paved the way for the great developments waterjet cutting would experience over the next few years.

After the post-World War II era, waterjet cutting started to really come into its own. Researchers across the globe were seeking to find new ways in which to effectively and efficiently cut. In 1958, an employee of North American Aviation pioneered a new waterjet cutting system which was actually able to cut harder materials. Things were now starting to develop, and in the mid-1960s the ideal nozzle shapes were determined.

If you would like to find out more about our services, call us on 01904 737095 today.

  • “Yorkshire Profiles are the best company that we have found for laser cut profiling, they are always helpfull and quick to respond to customer’s requirements.

    Their product is first class and they promptly send out prototypes and order quantity in quick succession which is key to us when so many other company’s neither respond fast enough or show any interest in what they do.”

    Carl, Stockist and Distributor of Standard and Custom Fastenings
  • “We use Yorkshire Profiles to make complex and intricate parts for our development and production projects. We have been very satisfied with the friendly and helpful service we have received, and with their quick turnaround on our orders.”

    Martin, Medical Textile Implants
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