12 of the best laser artists

12 of the best laser artists

If you’re not familiar with laser cutting, it’s likely that you won’t realise how versatile the technology actually is.

But across the globe people are suddenly taking notice of laser technology – and they’re using it to become very creative indeed.

Whether they design jewellery, furniture, or something else entirely, the impact lasers has on their artwork allows them to capture their creativity in a unique way that’s sure to catch the eye.

Below, find the top 15 laser artists currently producing some of the most fantastic artwork the world has seen. From Adrian Stein to Susi Holman, prepare to be amazed at the feats that laser technology is birthing every day.

1. Mike Gould
Our first laser artist is Mike Gould. He also specialises in graphic design, videos and electronics, so it’s no surprise that lasers have found their way into his work. He has hosted a variety of exhibitions, and creates light shows on the side of buildings and ones juxtaposed against the dark night’s sky.

His work makes for excellent photographs too, so check out his website here for more information and a look at this fantastic work.

2. Jen Liddiard
Our second laser artist on this list is Jen Liddiard. You can find her shop on the creative shop website Etsy, and she specialises in using lasers to create fantastic jewellery.

Based in Boston in the USA, Liddiard uses her lasers to carve her wooden bracelets, necklaces and earrings into spectacular patterns. She works largely with walnut and birch wood, and the results created when she uses her laser cutting skills to create patterns are brilliant.

To take a look at her work, and perhaps purchase a few of her works of art, check out her shop on Etsy.com. Each of her designs are unique, so you’re sure to get a one of a kind piece if you do decide to invest.

3. Martin Horn
Martin Horn, much like Jen Liddard, uses lasers cutting to create intricate and delightful designs with wood.

Yet instead of creating jewellery, Horn instead focuses in on using his talents to make exciting pieces of artwork that could be proudly displayed in any home. He even gives a nod towards Christmas cards and unique ornaments in his repertoire.

Take a look at his website www.martinmakes.com if you’d like to see more of his unique, exciting work.

4. John Edmark
When you first click onto the website for John Edmark and his work, you’re met with an almost entirely grey screen.

However, on closer look you’ll see that there are actually some links to click on. If you follow them through to his videos, you’ll be met with a wide selection of footage documenting his beautiful art work.

For example, if you explore the spirals category, you’ll find a range of models he has created with precise laser cutting skills, and the effect of them in motion are even more spectacular.

Take a look here to discover more of his innovative work.

5. Eric Jacobson
For our next laser artist, we explore the world of Eric Jacobson. Jacobson uses his laser technology in a steady, skillful manner and creates stunning sculptures.

He specialises in using his lasers to create artistic head busts, and the results really are fantastically spectacular.

Take a look at some of his work that you’ll find at this link here. It’s little surprise that Eric Jacobson is known so well in the laser cutting art industry, as you’ll soon see.

6. Susi Holman
Susi Holman is a crafting genius, and her work made with lasers is nothing short of spectacular. She regularly works with wood, acrylic and lasers them to create unique decorations, pieces of jewellery and even shadow boxes.

Holman also tries her hand at laser etching and creates unique glasses. If you’d like to see more of her innovative work that’s sure to take your breath away, visit her website here to see just what she can do.

7. Malaika and Hazel
Based in East London, the owners of jewellers Chalk, Malaika and Hazel, specialise in using laser cutting in order to create some of the most beautiful pieces we’ve ever seen.

From lasering everything from Walnut through to leather, the duo are proud owners of some excellent laser skills that take years to refine.

Chalk offers any laser enthusiast the chance to wear a design that’s unique, intricate and inspiring in the form of their stunning jewellery. And if you want to get some of their work into the home, they even use laser cutting to design state of the art furniture that will add an element of individuality to any space.

Take a look at their website to discover more about the duo, explore their look book, or take at their individual items.

8. Stella
If we skip back to Etsy once more, you’ll find such a strong array of laser cutting artists that it’s hard to pick out the the best. Yet Stella is certainly one of them.

Stella specialises in designing fantastic masquerade masks by using laser cutting, and the results are beautifully phenomenal.

Experimenting with a variety of colours and materials, the items in her shop are sure to keep you enthralled. And if you only need to buy one, we say good luck – you’re sure to find it an incredibly hard decision to settle on only one in and amongst the beauty of her pieces.

Take a look at her wonderful work here and prepare to be inspired.

9. Alexander McQueen
It’s not unusual to find laser cutting weaving its way into the world of fashion design, and Alexander McQueen is one such designer who has made the most of this technology to create some wondrous designs.

One such example is this blue, leather dress that can be found on their website. The detailing paneled down the side created by laser cutting truly is astounding, and makes for a stunning item of clothing that is sure to excite any fashion enthusiast.

To explore other items that have been created using lasers, take a look here at the Spring/Summer 2014 collection that made brilliant use of the technology.

10. Celine
Another material that can benefit largely from laser cutting is paper. But what would you need to cut paper for? Well, Celine has the answer to this in her Etsy shop, and creates some wonderful, unique wedding invites, all chopped up by lasers.

From images of intricate flowers, to garden gates and adoring couples sheltering under trees, Celine’s invites are a truly magnificent take on invites for the most important event of your life.

To see what she has to offer, and perhaps invest in a few of her items yourself, then take a look at her shop here.

11. Martijn van Strien
In the winter of 2014, fashion designer Martijn Van Strien also lent his hand towards laser cutting when it came to his fashion range.

The results are an awe-inspiring, controversial selection of black and white designs that incorporate intricate detail to make some truly unique items of clothing.

To really get a feel for the garments van Strien created, take a look at this article on Dezeen.com, where they explore the results of his laser cutting experimentation. Alternatively, you can take a look at the designer’s website to find out more about him and his work.

12. Tord Boontje
If you take a look at Tord Boontje’s website, it’s impossible to leave without feeling inspired. A brilliant artist who has incorporated lasers into a variety of his projects including these seats inspired by flowers and known as Petit Jardin, Boontje’s desire to create artwork that invigorates the soul is largely impressive.

Take a look at his website for further designs that have been shaped and crafted by lasers, including both this intricate Oval table top and his Little Flowers Falling curtains/screen.

Lasers and the Arts

Lasers really have added a whole new depth to the world of art, and whether they’re used to craft, carve, engrave or create light shows, they really have changed the art world forever.

What do you think of the artists on this list? Do you think we’ve missed any off that should have been mentioned? Leave us a comment below if so.

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