Shapeways Impressive 3D Printing Setup

3D Printing Setup

We are always keeping an eye on all elements of manufacturing. The exciting advancements in 3D printing are becoming increasing commercially viable and one company that demonstrates that best is Shapeways.

Their website has a wealth of information on the processes of “additive manufacturing” in its various forms. While this post is not an endorsement of their services (as we have not traded with them), I would certainly recommend exploring their website.

The section of their site which jumps out at us most, is the ability to create your own online store where you can upload and sell your own printed designs. From a retail point of view, the concept itself is called “drop shipping”. This is where a user can create an online store but all of the products are shipped from a stock holder directly.

Shapeways take that to the next level, and rather than simply shipping pre-existing stock, your designs are manufactured on-demand and shipped directly to customers purchasing them.

We’ve taken a look through their very large product database and we love the “sci-fi miniatures” range. Long gone are the days of trying to locate a Warhammer shop to build up your latest map! How times have changed.

In the meantime they’ve provided us with an excellent infographic to help you understand various 3D printing methods and their early adopted uses:


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