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We are proud to announce that we have not only joined “Made In Yorkshire” but that one of our Directors has become a Council Member!

Made In Yorkshire is a privately run peer group of MD’s and CEO’s from manufacturing and engineering companies across Yorkshire. Although the group is still in its infancy, it is quickly replicating the success that is “Made In Midlands”.  Made In Yorkshire is destined to host a record amount of events throughout the year, it has its own magazine release to showcase members achievements and news within the industry and has set its own council to discuss critical topics facing manufacturers across Yorkshire.

Made In Yorkshire Magazine

Jason Pitt (Made In Yorkshire, CEO) states: “We have launched the Made In Yorkshire magazine to place a spotlight on the fantastic work that takes place here in Yorkshire. Since Brexit, we have seen a great increase in companies wanting to strengthen their ties locally and we are looking forward to celebrating their work in the future.”

Looking through the first edition of the magazine, it’s a nice blend of industry news around a new Apprenticeship Levy, individual member news and news from the organisation itself about up and coming events. It’s great to have a read through a manufacturing magazine which is all local and will be a good source of leads (potential customers and suppliers).

Membership Council

The newly formed council have already had their first meeting to discuss critical issues. The council has initially discussed the skills-gap, raising the profile of Yorkshire manufacturing and driving forward the membership. Interestingly, the council discussed that “the search has to be about their skills and behaviours rather than the persons background”.  This is inline with Yorkshire Profiles’ policy when selecting new candidates and we actively help those with a ‘colourful’ past to move forwards and develop a brighter future.

Made In Yorkshire Director, Chrissie Gale stated: Our first meeting has proven that Yorkshire manufacturers are sharing a lot of common issues. However, we want to create a shared voice that will represent our membership base and aim to turn these issues into solutions.”

The Council will also have the important role of making sure the Yorkshire manufacturing voice is heard in government. This will be achieved via the awarded place on the All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group (APMG).

Manufactured Yorkshire Expo

Thanks to the swift merge with Manufactured Yorkshire, Made In Yorkshire members will now have access to having their own company microsite, attending breakfast events, networking opportunities and a stand at Manufactured Yorkshire. Last year the Manufactured Yorkshire expo attracted approximately 800 delegates in Engineering, Food & Drink and Textiles.  The “Made In Midlands” event is currently set to attract over 2,000 representatives, so using this experience it is likely the #MIYEXPO is likely to develop just as quickly.

We are looking forward to making the most of the benefits membership can bring and we’ll make sure to share appropriate industry concerns at the council meetings to help drive Yorkshire manufacturing forwards as the country experiences the highs and lows of Brexit.

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