LaserFlair shares passion for #ukmfg

laserflair shares passion for #ukmfg

It’s always amazing to hear from other companies who share a passion similar to our own, and in this case it is both UK manufacturing and laser processing! All the way from Fife, we have been pleased to discover this gem of a laser engraving and laser cutting company (with a very different setup to our own).

“LaserFlair is a laser cutting and engraving company in Fife. We work with a diverse range of large and small companies including distilleries, artists, engineering companies, branding agencies and botanic gardens in a wide variety of materials such as wood, formica, slate and acrylic. We also offer product development and prototyping services. Jane Banks, the owner, started blogging to inspire customers using case studies, adding useful design tips and problem solving rationale.”

engraved stainless steel plateLooking through the LaserFlair blog, it doesn’t take long to be inspired by the variety of creations they have achieved. Of course, as a laser cutting company that only handles metallic materials, we gravitate towards the engraved stainless steel guitar plate.

With further analysis of the website, it is clear they offer a full package service. From assisting with the design of engraved and laser cut components, to the choice of materials and the time/cost implications of such.

Our focus as a company is primarily quality, and it’s good to see that LaserFlair also have a nice section of positive reviews (from some big names too!).

It isn’t always just about the company though as much as it is the people behind it. It has been a pleasure to hear from Jane who declares herself as a novice golfer,  a bit of a bookworm, enjoys baking and the great outdoors.

We wish Jane all the best with her endeavour, and if you share the same passion for UK based manufacturing and/or laser produced goods then make sure to follow her blog.


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