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Recent times have been hard, despite the phrase that we are all in it together, we aren’t really. Many have it much harder than others. Understandably, many have also reduced the amount they give to charities due to uncertainties of job security and future provisions. As a company, we often sponsor charity events but as a Director, I rarely personally take part in the events. Given the importance of funding reaching the right places, I think it’s time for me to try both!

Running 5k a day for 30 consecutive days? How hard can that be, right? (I don’t run…. I don’t really exercise…. I probably spend 90% of my day sat down somewhere). To add to the personal challenge, I don’t really have a lot of free time either, so I won’t have a luxury of waiting for the rain to stop, I will have to do it at a set point each day, rain or shine.

So why Cash for Kids? Well let’s face it, homeschooling has been hard! But we are not all in the same boat. I can’t begin to imagine how hard it has been for those who entered this crisis from a disadvantaged position, or who have had the extra challenges or requirements along the way. This grant-giving charity helps Children and young people across West and North Yorkshire who need it most.

Everything raised in our area stays in our area, with a focus on alleviating poverty, supporting disability and improving quality of life. Any amount you care to give is very much appreciated.

You can either donate to my own fundraising efforts here: https://www.cashforkidsgive.co.uk/campaign/pulse-1-5k-a-day-2021/fundraisers/matthew-halliwell/

Or if you fancy the challenge, you can take part too here:


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