Quotations and Terms of Trading


  • All prices are strictly based on full quantities of each item being ordered.
  • Any changes to quantities could greatly affect the individual part costs and would require a new quote to be created.
  • All prices quoted exclude VAT (this is because we generally trade business to business).
  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, delivery charges are not included.
  • Delivery information stated is based on our current workload and is to be used as a guideline.
  • This may increase or reduce over the 14 day validity period, please call us if you require urgent delivery.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, some orders may incur a minimum order charge.
  • Any pricing mistakes or typos will be superseded by a new quotation rendering the incorrect quote invalid.
  • The quotation is a price offering for the production of goods, if circumstances change between the creation of the quote and the placing of an order we are under no obligation to honour the quote, however this is not a ‘get out’ clause, we will provide full and detailed reasoning behind such an extreme decision and it will only be used in rare situations.

Terms of Trading

  • If you have produced your own terms and conditions, they do not override ours and they will only be applicable if signed by a Director of Yorkshire Profiles Ltd
  • Whilst we maintain that all drawings are stored securely, we are willing to sign non-disclosure agreements to give you peace of mind that we will not share or reproduce your designs without your full and written consent.
  • Whilst we try to ensure that all orders are shipped on time and to agreed deadlines, in the event that an order runs late, we do not agree to the payment of any late fees or charges in relation to that order unless it is a written agreement with a Director of Yorkshire Profiles Ltd.
  • In the event that we have quoted and accepted an order, if it is later realised that the item cannot be fabricated due to a design issue, we have the right to cancel the order and refund any monies paid to us.
  • Components are not CE certified in accordance with BS EN 1090 and therefore are not suitable for use in compliance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR 2013).


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