Yorkshire Profiles Launches Cryptocurrency YorKoin…

A banner for Yorkshire Profiles Ltd with a laser cutting background

Always wanting to be ahead with technology and innovation, we are launching our own Cryptocurrency! We’ve been watching the development of the block-chain and monitoring its uses for some time. We feel that now the time is right to push our own Yorkshire based currency, especially with the conversations surrounding independence of the region.

We’ve analysed the existing problems with cryptocurrencies and think we have found some solutions to move forwards. Firstly, there is a lack of trust. The general public do not trust the currencies as they are not intrinsically linked to anything. Our currency is linked to the value of metals such as Stainless Steel and Aluminium, you even get to choose! All you need to do is send us £££ GBP and we will convert that into YorKoin for you with the purchase of sheet metal. You will own the metal it is linked to. We can even shape and form this metal if you require (additional transaction fees will be applied). If you buy multiple coins we can attach these together using various methods depending on how permanent you wish the connection to be (fuse or bolt-on options available).

The YorKoin you will accumulate will have many advantages over other online based currencies in that they won’t be accepted for purchases. Unlike currencies where other people spend every day trying to convince you to part with your hard earned pennies, this simply wont be the case. We feel that we have resolved other issues with the crypto world, as with lack of buying power comes lack of desire to take illegally. Therefore our currency is entirely secure too.

We know that being Yorkshire-bred we are misrepresented as being ‘tight’, when we are simply careful with our money. After all, a fool and their money are soon parted.

There will be an ICO (initial coin offering) available to all of our existing customers who place an order with us on this day (1st Apr) using the reference #Aprfls.

(Yes I bought some Bitcoin, No it did not end well, I may still be bitter about it.)

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd

Yorkshire Profiles Ltd